Business - What to consider before you start

If you’re a sole-trader or partnership starting or involved in a case on behalf of a business that is not a PTY company, any legal action that you start will need to be in your own name. You’ll find the section on Representing yourself more useful for registering an account. 

If your business is registered as a PTY company, save time by filing forms online and receive your court-sealed document via your inbox. 

Services for large businesses

Creating electronic organisations

If you are acting on behalf of a larger business or organisation and need to restrict staff access to case information and set filing privileges to file court documents, the Online Registry offers tools to set up an electronic organisation (or 'eOrganisation'), which is a way for teams to collaborate electronically.

You’ll need to register an Online Registry account before setting up work teams in an eOrganisation. Learn how to set up, share, manage and delegate work with an eOrganisation.

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Help for small businesses

Dealing with disputes

If you are involved in a dispute that relates to a small business, the Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner can assist. 

This mediation service aims to give you the best chance of finding a commercial resolution to your dispute. Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, the NSW Small Business Commissioner provides expert strategic and procedural advice to one or both parties at any time before or after filing in court.

Just call 1300 795 534 or email the Small Business Commissioner. Or visit the website