Legal professionals - What you can do in the Online Registry

The Online Registry is a secure service allowing you to file court documents and manage your clients’ cases. You can also access court-sealed documents within minutes, view court orders in real-time and all case information from your home or office. 

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Watch these video tutorials on how to file forms online


How to attend interlocutory matters in Online Court 

Watch the demo for a step-by-step guide on how to make and counter requests in Online Court. You can access Online Court by using the same credentials used for the Online Registry. Video transcript here

Learn more about sharing and managing your workload with a legal team

If you need to share and delegate your work with a team, you can create a legal eOrganisation to manage your workload. To find out how to set up a legal eOrganisation, watch this video

of claim

How to file a Statement of Claim online

This demonstration will briefly show you around the online form for a Statement of Claim (without legal representation), which can be filed online via the NSW Online Registry. Video transcript here


How to issue a subpoena on one or more recipients

This demonstration will briefly step you through the process for filing a subpoena on one or more recipients. Through the NSW Online Registry you are able to file multiple subpoenas of the same type on the same case or proceeding. Video transcript here

and orders

How to request a copy of a judgment or order

This demonstration will briefly step you through the online process for requesting a copy of a judgment or order. You can use the Request for Copy of Judgment or Order form to request an official, sealed copy of any judgment or order made by the court. Video transcript here


How to manage payment options in your Online Registry account

This demonstration will briefly step you through the payment options you are offered to manage your account. It highlights the process of saving and managing credit and debit cards for repeated use, and who is eligible to pay by direct debit. Video transcript here