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NSW Online Registry

An Online Registry account gives you instant access to secure case management services, 24/7, in the NSW Supreme, Land and Environment, District and Local Courts.

Legal professionals

As a solicitor, barrister, paralegal or legal secretary, you can register for an account which will allow you and your team to manage your cases online. Read more


Are you authorised to act for a registered business or PTY company? You can register an account and create or join an Online Registry electronic organisation to manage cases. Read more


If you’re authorised to act for a government agency, you will need to register an account and create or join an Online Registry electronic organisation to manage cases. Read more

Representing yourself

If you are representing yourself, you can do these things online:

  • Defend a small claim - You can defend the claim if you don't think you owe the money at all or you disagree with the amount the other party says you owe them.
  • Search probate notices
  • View court lists
  • File some court documents
  • Keep an eye on what is happening with your case.

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Find out more about appealing a licence or car registration decision 

How to use Online Court

  • Online Court allows you to manage interlocutory or procedural matters in four jurisdictions in New South Wales.
  • Online Court is being gradually extended to other lists.
  • Once a matter is available in the relevant list, you can proceed with your cases online, just as you would in court. You can also message the Registrar, and all your dealings will be transparent to all parties, and recorded in the Online Court Record for your case.
  • Each jurisdiction has its own procedures and specific cut off times.
  • To find out more about each jurisdiction's procedures, search FAQs or Read more

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File forms online

  • You can file more than 80 court forms online by either following the prompts and entering details as you go, or by uploading a pdf version of a document you prepared earlier.
  • See the list of available forms to review the full range of documents currently available online.
  • Forms are listed according to the stage your case has reached within the court process.
  • To file forms, you need to have a registered account with the Online Registry. You will only be able to access forms according to your role type e.g. whether you are representing yourself, you are a legal professional or you filing on behalf of a business or government.
  • You can find out how to file specific forms online by visiting our YouTube channel.

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