Government - What you can do in the Online Registry

If you are a government lawyer, or an officer who is authorised to work on behalf of a government agency, an Online Registry account will enable you to save time filing civil claims, prosecuting summary offences and managing cases.

If you are a lawyer in a private practice or firm instructed to represent a government agency in a specific matter, you will find the information for legal professionals more useful.

To get the most from an Online Registry account as a large organisation, you can set up an eOrganisation to help your work teams collaborate through multiple locations. You can also restrict and manage staff access to case information and court documents.

File a court attendance notice

A Court Attendance Notice (CAN) form may be completed by a public officer or authorised representative of NSW and federal government agencies and authorities.  The notice can be filed in relation to a corporation or an individual who is 18 years or older. 

You can only file this form if you are a member of an Online Registry electronic organisation which replicates your business structure online, or you are a solicitor or delegate with a Frequent User ID associated with a prosecuting body. 

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What we can do for you

Learn how to file a Court Attendance notice on behalf of a NSW government agency. 

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Want to upload large files?

If you need to upload a large amount of data with your forms, you can significantly reduce the size of PDFs. 

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