How do I register an eOrganisation?

An electronic organisation, or eOrganisation, enables you to replicate your business structure in an online format. 

What you need to know

If you want to register an eOrganisation, you will first need to set up an Online Registry Account as a Legal Practitioner, authorised officer or delegate. Find out more about Online Registry user types

The person who sets up the eOrganisation will, by default, become the eOrganisation administrator. You will need to accept the terms and conditions of setting up the eOrganisation on behalf of your organisation before you can proceed. You can then appoint other users to the administrator role as needed.

Register an eOrganisation

Prior to registering, it is important to note that eOrganisations can only lodge Civil cases via the Online Registry.

  1. Login to the Online Registry 
  2. Click Manage profile 
  3. Click on the Register eOrganisation tab
  4. Complete all information as appropriate for your organisation on the Register eOrganisation screen
  5. Select an eOrganisation type
    • Legal practitioners or delegates of solicitors should select the eOrganisation type Legal Practitioner
    • Non-legal entities that manage their own in-house debit collection as the plaintiff (e.g. council or bank) should select the eOrganisation type Litigant.
  6. Accept the terms of registration 
  7. Click Register

Your eOrganisation profile has been created. If you select the tick box indicating you are registering in relation to a criminal prosecution, your registration will not be complete until Online Registry support has reviewed your registration.

Next steps

Add registered users to the eOrganisation then assign delegates and permissions

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