What is an electronic organisation, or eOrg?

An electronic organisation, or 'eOrganisation', enables you to replicate your business structure in an online format. It is a mechanism for grouping together Online Registry users for the purpose of:

  • providing specific permissions to staff within an eOrganisation
  • allowing delegates to work with others for the benefit of their business within an eOrganisation.

There are two types of eOrganisations that can be created:

  • A legal eOrganisation can be created by a group of solicitors or barristers and their delegates who handle matters on behalf of their clients. Cases can be viewed and handled within practitioner groups, consisting of the legal practitioner and assigned delegates. Unassigned legal practitioners or delegates will not be able to see those cases. 
  • A litigant eOrganisation can be created for an organisation, such as a council or bank, which handles its own in-house debt collection services as the plaintiff. This type of eOrganisation can only be set up if you created an Online Registry Account as an ‘authorised officer’ or ‘delegate’.