How do I add a user to an eOrganisation?

A registered user can be added to an eOrganisation any time after an eOrganisation has been setup. Users can only be added by the eOrganisation administrator.

What you need to know

Before adding registered users to an eOrganisation, ensure;

  • An automated email has been received stating that your eOrganisation has been  registered
  • All users are registered and have received an Online Registry username
  • The administrator and/or Legal Practitioner or authorised officer has a record of all user’s eID numbers (usernames)
  • You are an administrator of the eOrganisation

Important to note: If a Legal Practitioner is added to a Litigant eOrganisation, members of the Litigant eOrganisation will be able to view the Legal Practitioners cases and vice versa.

Add a registered user

To add a registered user to an eOrganisation;

  1. Login to the Online Registry 
  2. Click the Manage eOrganisation tab (this tab will only appear after you eOrganisation has been approved) 
  3. Click Add a registered user
  4. Enter the username of the user in the eID field
  5. Enter the email address of the user (must be the same email address they used to register) 
  6. Click Confirm details
  7. Confirm the user details are correct
  8. Select or deselect permissions for this user
  9. Click Save

Manage your eOrganisation screen will be displayed. The user has now been added to the eOrganisation. 

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