How to file an Amended Statement of Claim

Download the Statement of Claim form. You will need form number UCPR 3A, if you are a legal professional representing a client, or UCPR 3B, if you are representing yourself.  

Add ‘Amended’ to the title, and mark up any changes to your matters according to the rules outlined in UCPR 19.5. This Rule requires you to strike out formatting to any text included in the originally filed Statement of Claim originally filed that you now wish to omit, and also highlight any new text with underlining or italics. The updated Pleadings and Particulars section should include the date of the amendment; the date the Court made any order approving the amendment (if applicable); reference to any rule that authorises the amendment, and a brief indication of how you have marked up amendments.

Once you have signed, scanned and saved your Amended Statement of Claim as a PDF, you should open the online Amended Statement of Claim by searching for your case in your Online Registry account, and upload the PDF when prompted.