What else you may need to do after filing a form

If your filing is accepted, your email will show your status as 'Approved'. It will include court sealed documents and a tax invoice (if you were charged a filing fee).

You will need to print the attached* documents and take it to court on the next listing date (which you can also view on the 'Court dates' tab in your online account).

If your filing has been accepted and you are waiting for a notice of listing, or an order, your email will show your status as 'Orders/listing to come'.

Listings are usually allocated within one business day of filing your form. This means you will receive a further email.

Your second email will contain your notice of listing or confirmation that the court has recorded the judgment or orders. You may be required to print the documents attached in that email and serve on the other party.

If your forms have been rejected (or some of your forms have been rejected) your email will show your filing status as 'Rejected'.

You should review the email message and re-file your forms if appropriate. If you have been incorrectly invoiced, you may apply for a refund (link is external).

If you have filed an Acknowledgment of Liquidated Claim, or have sought registration of a Judgment or order of another court or tribunal, you will receive an email with an acknowledgment sheet.

The second email will contain confirmation that the court has recorded the judgment or orders.

A copy of your court sealed documents or tax invoice can also be downloaded (for up to two months from the date of filing) from the 'Filing history' tab in your Online Registry account.

Accessing your case information