Accessing your case information after you've filed a form

If you have filed a form online to initiate a case (for example, a Statement of Claim) you will not be able to access your case information immediately by clicking the 'Case title' in your online notification when you submit your form.

To access or view your case information when you have initiated a case online, you should wait for your confirmation email. Full case details will be confirmed in the email you receive after you have filed your form.

If you wish to file another form, download court documents or access other case information, you can search your case list by entering the case number included in your confirmation email, and/or the party name and/or your reference number in your account online.

You may also view existing case information by clicking on the 'Filing history' tab in your Online Registry account, and then by clicking on the transaction number which will then display your case number/filing party name. Click on the case number to view full details of your case information and any details of proceedings, judgments or orders, court dates and subpoenaed items.