Access subpoenaed items from the Online Registry Website

Legal practitioners can now download subpoenaed items directly from the Online Registry Website, once producers have uploaded documents online and subject to access orders being granted. 

Accessing subpoenaed items 

Legal practitioners can access subpoenaed items from the Subpoenaed items list tab within the Online Registry Website when:

  • Subpoenaed documents have been uploaded through NSW Subpoena Response
  • Access orders have been granted – 1st access Plaintiff (7 days), 1st access Defendant (7 days) and General access. 

Online Registry subpoenaed items list screen

  • For other access orders, request access from the Registry to download and view subpoenaed items.

Online Registry contact registry for subpoenaed items screen

This means the majority of subpoenaed items can be accessed anywhere, anytime without the need for parties to attend the Registry to photocopy subpoenaed items, as well as saving time and money. 

To use the Online Registry Website, register with your Practicing Certificate Number and another identification source:


Uploading subpoenaed items

NSW Subpoena Response is a new online service to enable subpoena respondents (producers) for Civil cases to submit subpoenaed items (text, image, audio, video or other data) electronically. This removes the need for hard copies to be sent by post, courier, or hand-delivered over the counter at the Registry.

The free secure and efficient online service can be found at and is available to anyone who needs to return subpoenaed items to the Registry. 

For online respondents to Civil cases, the NSW Subpoena Response service allows up to 50 individual files in any common electronic format to be uploaded, but the total size for each response should be no more than 3GB (gigabytes). However, producers may respond more than once per case if required. 

Producer steps