Land and Environment Court

Online Court may now be used for all civil matters listed in the Land and Environment Court. The service allows you to:

Request an adjournment, or future listing, of the following:

  • Aboriginal Land Claims List
  • Class 3, 4 or 8 Directions Hearing
  • Land Valuation and Compensation List
  • Registrar Directions Hearing
  • Return of Subpoena
  • Tree Directions Conference

Request a listing of the following:

  • Case Management Conference
  • Costs Hearing
  • Hearing
  • Mediation
  • Notice to Produce List
  • Online court – Request required
  • S34 Conciliation Conference
  • S34AA Conciliation and Hearing
  • S41 Conciliation and Hearing
  • Request orders, including applications, to vary the timetable or for a slip rule amendment.

Using Online Court in the Land and Environment Court

The Online Court is available to parties or their legal representatives who are registered with the Online Registry and have matters with a future listing date in the Land and Environment Court.

Managing matters in Online Court

When parties, solicitors (or their delegates) or barristers have a matter listed in the land and Environment Court, they will automatically be able to use the Online Court to make a request.

The Decision Maker will review requests made through Online Court and make orders. The recording of an order in Online Court can result in:

  • the vacation of the next listing, and the scheduling of a new listing date
  • recording of the orders you sought, or the Decision Maker’s preferred orders

See a video demonstration of the NSW Online Court.

Email notifications

If you are a participant in the case, you will be notified by email when:

  • a request is submitted via the Online Court
  • a response to an Online Court request is made (consent or counter a request)
  • the Decision Maker has responded to a request and made an order.

However, you will not be notified if you are a delegate to the solicitor on the record, barrister, or authorised officer.


At any time during Online Court:

  • legal representatives and unrepresented parties may send a message to the Decision Maker
  • the Decision Maker may send messages to legal representatives and parties
  • messages will be visible to all parties in the Online Court Record

Online Court records

All actions including requests, consents, counter requests, reasons, messages, documents, commentary and orders made in Online Court will be recorded in the Online Court Record and will be visible to all parties. You can request a free transcript of the Online Court record by emailing If the request is made by someone who is not directly involved in the case, the transcript will only be distributed once the Registrar has approved its release.

Feedback and technical support

Any feedback or technical issues should be sent to 

Cut off times

The cut-off time for the Online Court for the Land and Environment Court List is 12:00pm the day before the in-person or online listing date.

To avoid attending in person, we recommend all matters in the Online Court are responded to promptly in advance of this deadline. You should always check your dashboard for recent activity by no later than the day before your next listing.

For more information, visit our FAQs.

Refer to the User Guide for the Online Court.

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