Payment options for your Online Registry account

A case can be started, defended and listed in the NSW Online Registry; and now managed in the Online Court. This video will step you through the types of payment that are accepted by the Online Registry when you file online forms for your case. 

Video transcript for payment options in the Online Registry

This NSW Online Registry video will step you through the various payment options,

  • Saving and managing credit and debit cards
  • Paying by direct debit

[The NSW Online Registry Manage profile screen displays]

Forms filed via the Online Registry website can be paid for by Visa credit or debit,
MasterCard credit or debit, American Express and Diners Club credit cards

If you’re part of an eOrganisation, which is a function used by legal and non-legal firms who manage larger quantities of cases or file forms online, you will also have the option to register a bank account with us for payment via direct debit. 

To set up direct debit, the administrator must first email the Online Registry support team to request it. Their details can be found in the footer of the website, or from the Contact Us page. 

Payment methods can be viewed and managed from the bottom of your Manage profile screen.

[User scrolls to bottom of the Manage profile screen]

Here, you can see any registered credit cards, and your default payment method.
You can add up to three registered credit cards at any one time. To add additional cards, click Add card, then enter the card details as prompted. Once added, it will display in the list below.

To remove a registered credit card, click the red X.

You can then select the default credit card (or direct debit option where applicable) from the Default payment method drop down list. If you only have one card registered, this will be selected by default.

If you’re part of an eOrganisation, you will still need to add the credit card to your profile. The eOrganisation administrator cannot do this on your behalf.

Next, let’s look at how to pay for forms online, and how to save credit cards during the payment process.

[User scrolls to the top of the screen]

Any forms that require a payment will be located in the Payments tab

[User clicks the payment tab]

Forms that require payment are not submitted to the court until that payment is made.
To pay for a form, select it from the list. You can select up to 100 forms at once

[Use selects a form from the list]

Then click Next
The Confirm & pay screen displays.

If you already have a registered credit card, your default card will be selected here.
You can then change the Payer in the box on the right and click Pay.
Alternatively, you can add a new card by clicking Pay by card.

[User clicks Pay by card]

Then click Next
Enter your credit or debit card details, then click Next

A confirmation screen will display the total amount of the payment and the credit card

The payer name is the name which appears on the tax invoice, and may be different from the cardholder’s name. If you need to change the payer name, use the dropdown list to select from the options available.

By default, the check box to save these card details will be selected. These details will then be saved as a registered credit card. If you do not want to register the card, de-select this checkbox.

Please note that saved card details are stored in a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) system and are not available to other Court Department systems or viewable by staff members.

When ready, click Pay

Your payment is complete, and your forms have now been submitted to the court.

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