Changes to the NSW Online Registry

We’re making some changes to the NSW Online Registry that come into effect on 12 May 2018.

We’re upgrading our system to improve services to our clients. Generally, the forms will look and feel the same, but there will be some minor changes that you may notice.

What do I need to do?

  • You may need to update your web browser. From 12 May 2018 the following browsers will be supported on the NSW Online Registry website:

          Google Chrome v53 and above
          Internet Explorer v10 and above
          Mozilla Firefox v48 and above
          Safari 10 and above

  • Prior to 12 May 2018 any forms in the Payments tab that are ready for payment will need to be submitted to the court. Following the upgrade, payment forms will still be available, however you won’t be able to view or edit any forms that were created prior to 12 May 2018. If you’re not sure that the information on the form is correct, you should not proceed to payment. Instead, delete the form and create it again.
  • Saved forms created prior to 12 May won’t be available for filing post-implementation. If you have any saved forms you want to submit, you’ll need to submit them prior to the implementation date (12 May 2018). Select the Saved forms tab to view your saved forms.
Saved forms screen

What’s changing?

The website will mostly look and feel the same. You’ll only notice changes when you’re completing a form for filing with the court or when viewing the Saved forms page. Some of the features of the new software are:

  • The font size has been increased, making the forms clearer and easier to read
  • Multi-line free text fields will now include a Remaining characters count so you’ll be able to view the character limit for that field
Remaining characters
  • When entering an address, you can now select the suburb from the postcode field
  • The calendar has changed. Use the top arrows to navigate the month and the bottom arrows to navigate the year
  • The browser back button should not be used to navigate within a form, use the Previous and Next buttons to navigate (otherwise you might lose some information you’ve entered)
  • Some browsers (e.g. Safari, Chrome) will allow you to elect auto-fill.  This means the browser will anticipate the data to be entered in some commonly used fields (e.g. address fields) and will auto-fill those fields with data. Please ensure that any data automatically entered is accurate before submitting your form.
  • When previewing a form in the Forms awaiting payment tab, instead of the document automatically opening, it will be downloaded
Forms download