How do I find out which browser version I am using when visiting the site?

If you are having trouble viewing certain pages or forms on the Online Registry website, you may need to update your browser version. To find out which browser version is installed on your PC, open the relevant browser and follow the instructions below:

Google Chrome: Click Settings>About (under the 'hamburger' icon on the right of the window)

Internet Explorer: Click About Internet Explore (under the 'wheel' icon) 

Mozilla Firefox: Click on Firefox (on the top left of the browser). In the drop down menu that appears, click Help>About Firefox

Safari: Click on Safari (in your browser menu). In the drop-down menu that appears, choose About Safari.

If you're still having trouble viewing certain web pages or forms, you may also need to clear your cache within the browser settings.

Your internet browser stores information about webpages on your computer or mobile device, so that they will load more quickly when you visit the same pages again. Because this data is stored in your PC's cache, you may also need to clear your cache to be able to see updated content. 

How to clear your cache:

You can clear your cache by looking for your settings or tools in the relevant browser, navigate to browsing history and tick the 'cache' box, or 'temporary files and web pages' box, and select 'delete'.