How to register an Online Registry account

This demonstration will show you how to register a NSW Online Registry account. You will need an account to file forms or manage cases online and you do not have a solicitor.

Video transcript to register an account for yourself 

This NSW Online Registry video will step you through the process for registering as an unrepresented litigant, i.e. representing yourself, including steps to:

  • Complete personal information
  • Verify your email address
  • Complete an identity check, and,
  • Login and manage your case.

You can click on any dot point on screen now to skip ahead to that section of the video.

[The NSW Online Registry home page displays]

From the Home page of the NSW Online Registry website, click the Representing yourself tab

Here you can find key information about the registration process, including a summary of the steps involved. To begin, click the ‘Register now’ button

The Register screen displays. The details you enter may be used to pre-populate court forms, so make sure you enter the correction information.

Enter your personal details

[The user enter a first name and surname, and email address]

Select the option that best describes you.

If you are representing yourself and not using a legal professional, select ‘None of the above’.

[User selects ‘None of the above’]

Continue entering your personal details.

[User enters their date of birth and residential street address]

Then create a Password.

[User enters a password]

Scroll down if needed to view the Secret Questions section.

Select two secret questions and enter your answers. These questions will be used if you ever forget your password and need it reset.   

You can type your own questions or select from the list.

[User selects two secret questions from the drop down lists and enter an answer for each]

Before continuing make sure you read and agree to the Terms and Conditions. 

Once all of your details have been entered click Next.

[An image of an email displays onscreen]

An email with a verification code will be sent to your email inbox. You will need to enter this code before continuing. 

The email will also contain your username, which you will need to use to login to your account.

[The verification screen from the NSW Online Registry website displays]

Enter the verification code from the email.

And click Submit.

Enter the username from the email you received. And enter the password you created earlier.

Then click Login

[The Identity Verification screen displays]

As you know, court information is highly confidential and must remain secure.

The first time you login to your account you will need to confirm your identity before gaining
access to online services. To do this, you will need to provide information from two sources in the list.

If you don’t have two sources from the list you can also upload either a copy of a utility bill or international passport. 

Additional information and support is available at the bottom of the screen. 

For this example we will use a NSW Drivers Licence and a Medicare card.

[User selects Drivers licence from the list, then select NSW Drivers licence]

Enter the details exactly as they display on your ID.

[User enters their drivers licence number]

Agree that the information provided can be checked with the Issuer or the Official Record Holder

Click Submit Details

The per cent verified will be displayed at the top of the window. You need to reach a total of 100%
before gaining access to your account.

[verification bar reads 45% verified]

Select a second identification source.

[User selects Medicare card from the list]

Remember to enter your details exactly as they display on your ID.

[User enters their medicare number and date of expiry]

Agree that the information provided can be checked with the Issuer or the Official Record Holder

Click Submit Details

The verification total is now 100%.
Click the Finish button.

[The Search case list screen displays]

You have now successfully registered. You can start filing forms and manage your case online.
If you are starting a new case, for example you want to file a Statement of Claim or appeal a
licence suspension, click Start a new case.

If you are defending a case that has been started by another party, click Find your case, then
enter a barcode number from a court approved document associated with the case, for example the Statement of claim that was served on you.

To start a Probate matter, click the Probate tab and follow the steps.

To manage your case in the future, enter any relevant search criteria and click Search case list, or, leave the search fields blank and click Search case list to view a list of all cases to which
you are a party. Once the case is located, you can click the case name to view more information.

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